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Intraday Setup 101

As reported on Twitter (@johnusa) yesterday, the AEX (see image) was fast approaching one of its Jupiter lines (red) at around 446. As history has shown, this is often a point of reversal. If this were the case this time it would indicate a top.

Interesting enough, the Jupiter line is descending, in...

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Unilever Update: Nailed it

Below is the Unilever chart from May 2013. See this post for full article.

130516 UN

While UNI didn’t reach the 33.30 target (it stopped at 33.09) it has since made an impressive 18% decline at the Oct 2013 low. It doesn’t come much better than this.140126 UN

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AEX Short Term Update

The AEX is finishing a small degree 5 wave that should bottom Monday (at least 375?), or early in the week. This move is part of a larger impulse wave that started in the second half of November...

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Coach: leading indicator?

Looks like luxury branch ‘Coach’ is a leading indicator for what’s ahead for the AEX (and related indices). Top b circle end of July, dip B in Sept-Oct, and dip (C) in 2014. This saves me a lot of work :-)

130704 Coach

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Open Interest Index (OIX)

This article explains what the effect of open interest is on options, and how we construct an indicator based on this data. This indicator was developed here and is called ‘Open Interest Index’ or OIX.

Stocks and Commodities Nov 2003The full version of this article was published in the Nov’03 issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazin...

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Volume Cloud Indicator

How to predict support & resistance levels using volume?

volume cloud low resolution

Volume by itself contains too much noise to be a useful indicator, so several tools are available to make volume more useful: RoC (rate of change), MF (money flow), OBV (on balance volume) to name a few...

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