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AEX Short, Medium, Long Term Update

4 Charts, starting at Long Term, going to Short Term. The first chart (long term) has been discussed in earlier posts on this site.

Medium Term the AEX started wave D (red) on Jan 15th ,2014. The first target is around 325-335 (dotted horizonal line)...

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AEX Short Term Update

As projected earlier, the AEX did indeed bounce of the upper Jupiter line (red) and is now on its way to the first support region, around 350-355. Fridays spike lower was on higher than average volume (yellow arrow) so this probably  means the decline is not complete...

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AEX Moon Jupiter cycle

AEX is approaching the next Jupiter channel line (red), that has been a good indicator of turning points in the past. See image below. Today the line stands at 370 and is slowly moving up to 371-372 on May 24-27.

In the bottom of the chart I added the Moon cycle, showing the New Moons (highs) and Fu...

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