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AGN, ASML, BEL20, HEI, ING, KPN, PHI, TPG, UN long term updates

It has been a long time since the last update. This doesn’t mean lack of activity, several brief posts have been posted on Twitter @JohnUSA. Today, instead of the usual AEX updates, here are some individual stock charts. The AEX is still in a topping process that should end pretty soon.

Aegon (b...

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AEX Short, Medium, Long Term Update

4 Charts, starting at Long Term, going to Short Term. The first chart (long term) has been discussed in earlier posts on this site.

Medium Term the AEX started wave D (red) on Jan 15th ,2014. The first target is around 325-335 (dotted horizonal line)...

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AEX Long Term Thoughts & Scribbles

The AEX made a recovery high on Jan 15th, while the DOW made an ATH on Dec 31st. This is (so far) still consistent with a predicted high in 2013. See DOW chart at the bottom. It’s interesting that the DOW pushed this prediction to its limit! So far so good...

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AEX: End Game 2021

Time for an update on the long term chart. The chart below is slightly adjusted from the June update, but the concept stays the same. Unlike the DOW Jones, which is setting all time highs at each Fibonacci year, the AEX and the European market in general is setting lower highs...

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AEX short term update

It has been a while since the last update. Below is a snapshot from the June 14th update. This was a bullish alternative view, that at first did not seem to play out. But after a larger than anticipated correction, the AEX recovered to new highs. This is where we are now.
130520 AEX bullish

So what’s going on? ...

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AEX Long Term Update

To keep things in perspective it is good to keep the long term outlook in mind. I do this in this post. First a bit of short term. The AEX is currently retracing a decline. Over the next several weeks I expect the area around 350-355 to be sufficient resistance...

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DOW, 2018, 2021, the year of the Ox

DOW Jones Industrial & Fibonacci

To look at important turning points in the market, it often helps to use Fibonacci time ratios. In the chart below I use a very(!) long term price chart...

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ING Long & Short Term Update

The AEX, once heavy on financial stocks like ABN, Aegon, Fortis and ING, today only has ING and AGN left. Of these only ING with a 11% weight in the index still counts as a heavy weight. So what’s in store for ING long term and short term?
130503 ING long term

ING appears to be tracing out a standard 5 wave impulse as ...

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Economic Sunshine?

While Royce Tostrams might be a “market guru”, there are 2 things he doesn’t know anything about. Cycles & Cars. Let’s start with cycles. He posted an article in the Dutch Financial Telegraph titled ‘Economic sunshine’. In my opinion he couldn’t be further from the truth...

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Hitting bottom, are we there yet?

The short answer is “No”, not by a long shot. As I have said earlier, I think the market will only bottom in 2021 and in this article I will explain why I believe that.

To look at important turning points in the market, it often helps to use fibonacci time ratios...

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