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AEX Short Term Update

Interesting developments coming up in the AEX. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen increased volatility, related to news events such as the USA debt ceiling hoax and the government shutdown. But news doesn’t create the price, it only affects its volatility...

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AEX Alert: Possible Top

The AEX is 1 point away from the upper Jupiter channel line. This line is at 371 on Tuesday, slowly climbing to 372 on Friday. The AEX is in a similar situation as May 2012 where the Lunar Eclipse right after the Solar Eclipse triggered a trend change. See bottom image...

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AEX short term update

The AEX is completing a large 3-3-5 Flat pattern according to the Elliott wave principle that started at the low in Feb ’09.

130508 AEX

A large Fibonacci time ratio indicates a potential turn date at May 10th (in calendar days). The same ratio can be found in the Nasdaq 100. See below.

130508 AEX

Zooming in, wave C of ...

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May 9 – May 10, 2013 Annular Solar Eclipse


The Nasdaq 100 index is now in a Fibonacci time frame between May 7th and May 11th. See chart. This coincides with a Solar eclipse on May 9 (May 10 in Europe).

A good time to take some profits?

130505 N100

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