I’m back!

It has been a long time since I talked about ‘the market’ in this format. When I started night-trading.com in 1997, the web was just starting to get popular and there weren’t even many online brokers around. Within a short time, night-trading became one of the most visited financial websites in Holland (and Belgium). One of the most popular features was the ‘AEX overnight’ page, that we invented. It was based on closing prices on NYSE and the $ rate, in order to calculate the next day AEX opening price. Over time, several other sites copied this concept, sometimes using a slightly different algorithm, leading to different quotes for the AEX. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we took that as a compliment. Regardless, night-trading.com had the most accurate quotes most of the time. Night-Trading was featured in magazines, newspapers and we made a live appearance on RTL-Z.

Those days are long gone, but trading continued. We weathered the dot com boom, followed by the Nasdaq crash, 911 and later the financial and housing bubble.

From here on out I will (hopefully) on a regular basis write about the market, my trading style, types of analysis etc. I think it will be mostly focused on the AEX index, but I am open to suggestions. I might enable comments so things will be more social.

Candle Sticks

Other things might include a charts section. In all the years since night trading, I haven’t seen a good chart feature. Sure there are charts out there, but they are all static or ugly. Shown here is a candle stick chart highlighting candle patterns.

Anyway, it’ll be fun. And,┬áthere will be plenty of time for all this before we hit the bottom in 2021.

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