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AEX short Term Update

This is my current working hypothesis. AEX going to 420 in the first week of September. Why? Well, there’s a number of indications, most of them not shown on the chart. In short, several (Fibonacci) levels come together here in price & time...

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Intraday Setup 101

As reported on Twitter (@johnusa) yesterday, the AEX (see image) was fast approaching one of its Jupiter lines (red) at around 446. As history has shown, this is often a point of reversal. If this were the case this time it would indicate a top.

Interesting enough, the Jupiter line is descending, in...

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AGN, ASML, BEL20, HEI, ING, KPN, PHI, TPG, UN long term updates

It has been a long time since the last update. This doesn’t mean lack of activity, several brief posts have been posted on Twitter @JohnUSA. Today, instead of the usual AEX updates, here are some individual stock charts. The AEX is still in a topping process that should end pretty soon.

Aegon (b...

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AEX Short Term Update

Frequent readers know what’s going on. Please read the previous articles to see what’s going on here.

140506 AEX

In order for the longer term ‘working model’ to stay valid, the AEX needs to decline very soon. First target is around 370 where there is some support (and a Jupiter line)...

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AEX Short, Medium, Long Term Update

4 Charts, starting at Long Term, going to Short Term. The first chart (long term) has been discussed in earlier posts on this site.

Medium Term the AEX started wave D (red) on Jan 15th ,2014. The first target is around 325-335 (dotted horizonal line)...

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AEX Short Term Update

A brief update on what *might* unfold over the next several days.

The AEX appears to be completing a corrective Flat (a-b-c) which is retracing the wave 1 decline that started in January. A possible top might be around April 8th where several Fibonacci time ratios come together...

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AEX Long Term Thoughts & Scribbles

The AEX made a recovery high on Jan 15th, while the DOW made an ATH on Dec 31st. This is (so far) still consistent with a predicted high in 2013. See DOW chart at the bottom. It’s interesting that the DOW pushed this prediction to its limit! So far so good...

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AEX toppy

Shown is the AEX with a modified Stochastics, the Moon Cycle (Sine wave) and Volume. Volume is dropping, indicating a weakening (up)trend. Stochastics is entering overbought territory. The next New Moon will be Feb 28th/Mar 3rd (this is a weekend so trading days are used).

140218 AEX

If, and this is currently...

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Unilever Update: Nailed it

Below is the Unilever chart from May 2013. See this post for full article.

130516 UN

While UNI didn’t reach the 33.30 target (it stopped at 33.09) it has since made an impressive 18% decline at the Oct 2013 low. It doesn’t come much better than this.140126 UN

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Heineken Short Term Update

Heineken shows multiple patterns that it justifies its own post today. Since the top in March last year, HEI appears to be completing an A-B-C corrective pattern. Since A and B look like a 3-wave and C like a 5-wave it must be a 3-3-5 flat  (although it’s not flat, it’s more like a zig-zag)...

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