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In financial astrology, planetary positions correlate to changes in the market. Certain positions and planets are more important than others. The most significant positions are the rising time, the transit time and the setting time. When a planet arrives any of these 3 points in time we call this a ‘hit’. For example, the sunrise and sunset correspond to the rising and setting time. The transit time is the highest point in the sky and in case of the sun is around noon depending on the time of the year.

AEX Intraday

AEX Intraday

Because of Earth rotation, hits are dependent on the location on earth. For example, if we place the AEX in Amsterdam, the sunrise for this day is at 6:58. For the DAX, based in Frankfurt it is 6:42 and for the CAC in Paris it is 7:07. Since all markets are correlated, we get a timeband of approximately 25 minutes, with the AEX pretty close the the middle of this.

Let’s take a look at the intraday chart of the AEX (March 13th, 2013). All planetary hits are plotted on the chart. While some seem irrelevant, others clearly indicate trend changes. Note that the intraday range for this particular day was extremely small. However, Mars to Uranus after 13:00 is still a nice move, as is the Moon to Neptune to Mercury near the close.

To calculate hits for any particular day goto hits of the day on this site.

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    [...] chart shows all the ‘astro hits’ for the week as described here and calculated here. The colors indicate rising (blue), transit (orange) and setting (red). We [...]

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