John is a Dutch born American who grew up in the city of Utrecht, a city near Soesterberg Airforce Base where his dad was stationed. Prior to moving (back) to the USA, John worked for the Dutch-English consulting firm CMG (Logica). John became a full time trader in 2001 when he lost his job during the dot com crash. He successfully anticipated the ’911′ crash as well as the 2008 crash. As a result, he was invited on RTL-Z, wrote articles in ‘de Limburger’ and got published in ‘Stocks & Commodities’.

From 1998 to 2005 he ran night-trading.com, a site that became well known for its ‘AEX opening indicator’. It was featured in Elsevier magazine and was consistently in the top 10 of Dutch financial websites. In 2005, the site got acquired by wallstreetweb.nl.

After a hiatus from the public scene, John is back with his new site, night-trading.com where he blogs about ‘stuff that keeps him up at night’.



Elsevier Magazine


De Limburger

The Daily Tick: A site about trading.


  1. A regular short, sharp sound, esp. that made every second by a clock or watch.
  2. A parasitic arachnid (suborder Ixodida, order Acarina) that attaches itself to the skin of a terrestrial vertebrate from which it sucks…
  3. A fabric case stuffed with feathers or other material to form a mattress or pillow.
(of a clock or other mechanical device) Make regular short sharp sounds, typically for every second of time passing.
noun. ticking – credit
verb. tick off