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Unilever Update: Nailed it

Below is the Unilever chart from May 2013. See this post for full article.

130516 UN

While UNI didn’t reach the 33.30 target (it stopped at 33.09) it has since made an impressive 18% decline at the Oct 2013 low. It doesn’t come much better than this.140126 UN

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Heineken Short Term Update

Heineken shows multiple patterns that it justifies its own post today. Since the top in March last year, HEI appears to be completing an A-B-C corrective pattern. Since A and B look like a 3-wave and C like a 5-wave it must be a 3-3-5 flat  (although it’s not flat, it’s more like a zig-zag)...

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AEX closing in on target

The AEX has reached the upper trend-line dating back to 2011. So far, ALL important reversals in the past several years hit the Jupiter lines (explained here) either intraday or end-of-day (red wave lines). This target is currently 410-413...

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