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AEX topping process and an alternate view

130430 AEX

The AEX is in a topping process. While the Elliott pattern calls for a new slightly higher high (360-365) as described earlier, the AEX appears to be stalling. If we combine this with the cycle count, we can only conclude that something else is going on...

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Arizona Central Bank

No Update this weekend as I was doing some traveling. Along the way I found this photo opportunity…

130426 Arizona Central Bank

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Many ‘gurus’ seemed surprised by todays 9 point gain and scrambled to find ‘news’ to ‘explain’ this 2.67% rise. In my opinion news is the result, not the cause. By disregarding news and ONLY looking at the ever developing chart pattern, see past articles, there was no surprise...

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Open Interest Index (OIX)

This article explains what the effect of open interest is on options, and how we construct an indicator based on this data. This indicator was developed here and is called ‘Open Interest Index’ or OIX.

Stocks and Commodities Nov 2003The full version of this article was published in the Nov’03 issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazin...

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Volume Cloud Indicator

How to predict support & resistance levels using volume?

volume cloud low resolution

Volume by itself contains too much noise to be a useful indicator, so several tools are available to make volume more useful: RoC (rate of change), MF (money flow), OBV (on balance volume) to name a few...

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AEX Weekend Update

The AEX is still holding above the lower trend line. With the options expiration out of the way, the AEX is clear to pick direction. The USA indices were up on Friday (SP500, Nasdaq) while the DOW was flat due to bad IBM Q1 results. The preferred scenario still favors a bounce up from here...

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AEX: April expiration was textbook

It’s the Third Friday of the month, so the AEX/FTI options expired.
130419 AEX intraday

The expiration period is from 15:30 to 16:00, after which the settlement price is set, which was 340.68. The optimal expiration price was 345, at this price most open contracts expired worthless, see chart below...

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AEX needs to bounce now

130417 AEX

The AEX counts best as an ABCDE ending diagonal that needs 1 more leg up. See the April 12 article. Wave D either ended in February or is ending right now, in which case wave D is a triangle. Regardless, in both counts, wave E up is needed to complete the pattern.

Notice the extraordinary amount ...

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This weeks Astro Hits

130412 AEX Astro HitsThis chart shows all the ‘astro hits’ for the week as described here and calculated here. The colors indicate rising (blue), transit (orange) and setting (red). We already know that Jupiter is the AEX ruling planet (see other articles) and for this week the weekly high is a Jupiter hit...

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AEX Short Term Update

The AEX is on its way to an important Fibonacci time relationship date. Note two important highs, 13-Jul-2007 and 18-Feb-2011. Using a standard 61.8% (golden ratio) and applying it to the 2 tops, we arrive at 30-Apr-2013 (when using trading days) or 11-May-2013 (calendar days).
Also note a short ter...

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