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Hitting bottom, are we there yet?

The short answer is “No”, not by a long shot. As I have said earlier, I think the market will only bottom in 2021 and in this article I will explain why I believe that.

To look at important turning points in the market, it often helps to use fibonacci time ratios...

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns direct

Typically, the planets shift slightly eastward from night to night, moving slowly against the backdrop of stars. Sometimes, however, they change direction. For a few weeks/months, they will move west before turning back around and resuming their easterly course. This is retrograde motion...

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Astro Hits

In financial astrology, planetary positions correlate to changes in the market. Certain positions and planets are more important than others. The most significant positions are the rising time, the transit time and the setting time...

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Over the next few weeks, we will be tweaking this site to improve its usability. As most web developers know, building a site takes 20% of the time, and then making it work on Internet Explorer takes the other 80%. Thanks Microsoft.

This site is not ‘optimized’ for any particular device or browser...

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I’m back!

It has been a long time since I talked about ‘the market’ in this format. When I started in 1997, the web was just starting to get popular and there weren’t even many online brokers around...

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