AEX Short, Medium, Long Term Update


4 Charts, starting at Long Term, going to Short Term. The first chart (long term) has been discussed in earlier posts on this site.


Medium Term the AEX started wave D (red) on Jan 15th ,2014. The first target is around 325-335 (dotted horizonal line). Several Fibonacci retracement levels can be found here, correcting wave C (big red). Eventually the target for wave D is 170-200 in Q3 2015.140412_AEX_medlong_term

The AEX just started with the first sub-waves of wave 3. The target for wave 3 is around 333. This level holds several Fibonacci retracements. Also some volume built up late 2012, first half of 2013 which could provide some (temporary) support.


Short term the AEX finished wave 2 (yellow) and is in the early stages of wave 3. Some subwaves are shown (white). Interesting enough, the AEX jumped an area of support around 400 (red flames), creating a gap. It should finish wave 3 of a smaller degree (white) in the next few days, possibly the 15th (lunar eclipse). There is some support around 390.

Essential for the bearish case is the Jan 15th high, this cannot be broken.140412_AEX_short_term