AEX toppy

Shown is the AEX with a modified Stochastics, the Moon Cycle (Sine wave) and Volume. Volume is dropping, indicating a weakening (up)trend. Stochastics is entering overbought territory. The next New Moon will be Feb 28th/Mar 3rd (this is a weekend so trading days are used).

140218 AEX

If, and this is currently the big question, the AEX is topping later this week or next week (405?), then the next wave down will lead to ~335 in Amy/June, an area of support (see red flames).

I still believe the AEX cannot exceed its previous high, in order to keep the long term projection (a 2013 high) correct. While the 2013 high projection is technically for the DOW, it is best if the AEX complies as well. That said, the Nasdaq did not, and the AEX has a stronger correlation with the Nasdaq than the DOW.

I’m looking for 404-406 later this week [Fri?] or next week [Mon?] for a top.

Edit: I should add that the AEX hasn’t yet hit any Jupiter lines (see previous posts) historically indicating large(r) trend reversals. This is a little troubling, but perhaps the AEX has left the ‘age of Jupiter’. I’m looking at other planetary lines (Mars, Neptune, Saturn) but so far nothing stands out.