AEX short term update




It has been a while since the last update. Below is a snapshot from the June 14th update. This was a bullish alternative view, that at first did not seem to play out. But after a larger than anticipated correction, the AEX recovered to new highs. This is where we are now.
130520 AEX bullish

So what’s going on? Correction come in many forms so it is hard to pinpoint exactly how the index will unfold. The image below is an attempt. The AEX could be in the last stages of a triple correctional wave (Yellow W-X-Y-X-Z). If this is the case I don’t think the top is in. The final wave is not hitting the Jupiter lines, doesn’t have wave relationships with the other waves and doesn’t “look” complete.

130818 AEXThis actually fits in quite well with the long term picture of a mild correction in 2014 followed by new highs in 2016 etc. See image below from late June.

130628 AEX long term

Time will tell. For me, no shorts till there’s a clearer signal. No longs either :)